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The Collaboration

Roobz Skincare and Eyelash was started by Ruby Lim in 2005 when eyelash extensions were still unheard of!  Since then, Roobz Eyelash has become a premier lash spa renowned for their expertise and safety.  Ruby is a highly respected and sought-after professional lash artist; a remarkable Master lash artist, educator and trainer! Her large following of happy clientele make her eyelash extension services highly acclaimed and in demand. 

The Garden Spa'T was conceptualized by Tanis Rhines, a scientist turned esthetician, in 2005 when organic botanical facials were still unheard of!  The Spa'T is the proud recipient of "Best Organic Spa 2007," "Best Spa Ambiance 2008," and "Best Facials 2015."  They earned the Los Angeles Greenopia "Four Leaves Award" for being an environmentally conscious business and was honored by the State of California and Yogi Time magazine.

The Intersection

In 2008, Ruby and Tanis met.  Roobz Eyelash set up shop in a room in The Garden Spa'T for three and a half years where their client base continued to grow ... and grow until finally Roobz Eyelash needed a larger space of their own.


The Connection

On January 1, 2018, Ruby became the owner of The Garden Spat'T and moved back into the adorable Craftsman house merging both businesses.  Tanis and Ruby continued to work together creating a soothing atmosphere where you can relax both body and mind while receiving luxurious organic skin services and fabulous lash extensions from qualified professionals dedicated to their craft.

The Mission

To naturally enhance your well-being resulting in your magnified radiance by providing unique, extraordinary services and products.

The Calling

We are changing the way you think about beauty and wellness.  A passionate, nurturing staff utilizing organic and new technology in a cozy, clean environment create experiences and changes you desire to achieve naturally beauty and health.

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