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I am very glad that I found Ruby as my eyelash instructor, I was very surprised and happy she spent one-on-one time with me throughout the day with a mannequin practice and a live model provided, the class is an 8 hour class included theory and practice plus 6 month to a year of mentorship which Ruby will follow up your progress in practice and make sure my skill will meet the professional level. I am very appreciative of her time in training me how to be a professional lash artist.

~P.V. of Arcadia, California 8-5-16

It's so nice to be back home...had the BEST time at my lash workshop and beauty show!  Learned some mindblowing things from our instructor, Ruby Lim.  You inspire me.  Thanks to all the amazing people I met this weekend!  So many empowered and kind women! I learned so much

~T.K. of Honolulu, Hawaii 8-20-15 of the best days in my career by far and a humbling moment... Words cannot express how much I enjoyed learning these new skills with such a lovely group of women.  Thank you so much for your kind words.  I'm so honoured to be one of your students in your advanced training.  This was one of the most rewarding weekends in my career as a lash artist, words cannot express my gratitude to Miss Ruby Lim for her guidance and expertise

~A.C. of Canada 8-19-15


I have to start out my saying that Ruby is the highest quality person you can get. Always honest and reliable in every way and as sweet as can be. Super professional and as far as her qualifications as an eyelash extension expert she is right up there with the legends in the industry. With ten years experience behind her, I trust her judgment implicitly and learn a lot just from chatting with her. I highly recommed Roobz services and classes, top notch all the way around. Thanks Ruby!

~T.L. of Valley Village, CA - 3-4-15


Sorry this note comes to you so long after our meeting.  It's been hectic yet fun while incorporating volume into my routine.  I fell in love with volume the first time I tried it under your guidance and can't thank you enough for letting me come learn from you.  I've been practicing daily and seeing wonderful results.  Thank you for the supportive feedback and patient coaching.  What an inspiration you are!

~C.L. of Seattle, Washington - 9-15-14


I had an amazing time!  I so appreciated your training class and left feeling confident all the steps were covered.  I will be back for the next session for sure! 

~R.F. of Alberta, Canada - 8/22/2014


Thank you, very happy the refresher class really helped me.  Having clients call back saying they LOVE the lashes now :)  Looking forward to taking the 3D class in a few months :)

~J.R. of La Canada, CA - 8/22/2014


Ruby, I have not gotten the chance to say thank you for the volume training you provided me with... i've taken other courses and have loved them all... but I seem to definitely use your technique and combine it with the others to get what I'm looking for.  thank you so much for being a trainer

~R.B of Lompoc, CA - 8/15/2014


Hi Ruby!  I just want to reach out to tell you that I appreciated the time you spent with us during the Volume class.  It was definitely worth the money.  I know we tried to extract all the information from your head.  LOL.  Now I just need to practice, practice, practice.  I'm out to get some strips to work on. Wish me luck

~G.T. of Florida 4-14-14


"..There is not enough words to express my appreciation and my highest respect to you of your professionalism. You are one of the most kind and professional experts that I have met in my entire beautiful career; you are a great Instructor whom truly offers only the best for your students with no holding back. Thank you again for your A W E S O M E training class yesterday.  I learned so much and it will be very excitingto adapt this new and wonderful technique!.."
~L.M. of Tustin, California 11-18-2013

Thank you so much for your incredible training class!  You are such an inspiration!  My brain and hands are still processing everything I learned but I am confident I will master this technique in due time.  I appreciate your openness and guidance with the best and most useful materials to make my service excellent for my clients.  I look forward to attending the next Lash Bash!
~C. C. of Beverly Hills 11-11-13


I wanted to say thank you so much for your time and guidance during the training....I had a great time! Thank you for everything!

~R.B. of Lompoc, California 11-11-13


Hi Ruby, thank you for the great class Monday and thank you for generously sharing all your great eyelash extension knowledge with us. This new volumizing technique will really improve the application results I can offer my customers. Thank you again for all of your support referring customers to me .My best wishes for your continued success

~E.B. of Granada Hills, CA - Sep, 2013

Hi Ruby, thank you so much for all your wonderful tips! I enjoyed everything and so excited to lash away! I will for sure call you if I need help! Thanks ruby and please keep in touch with us

~D. of San Diego, CA - 2013

Hi Ruby!  I came back home last night. Thank you so much for everything! I had so muchfun. The whole experience was really rewarding and I have learned so much from you.  I wanted to learn from the best so I'm so happy that I had a chance to meet you and be trained by you. Thank you so much not only for the training but also welcoming me.  NowI know my heart is set on this and I'm going to really pursue it

~C. S. of Toronto, Canada - 12/5/2012

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